Chicago Crime

In response to: Wave of shootings leaves seven dead in 12 hours from April 17, 2010

Another round of gun violence in the City of Chicago. Another inept plea from Mayor Daley for stricter gun control. The City already has a handgun ban and we all see how effective it is at curbing these violent episodes. Most of which, by the way, are gang-related. The question I would pose to the Mayor is this: How many of the weapons used in the commission of these felonious acts are properly purchased, registered or licensed weapons? Rather than continue to disarm the law-abiding citizens of Chicago, perhaps more focus should be placed on where and how these weapons are being obtained.

The street gangs are not all mindless thugs as most would like to believe. They are organized. Many are educated. They participate in mortgage fraud schemes as well as drug deals. They retaliate when they are crossed by other gangs. They believe the streets are theirs for the taking and violence is the penalty for not doing your job.

We need to find spend more time focusing on who and what is enabling these gangs. Much like water flowing down a mountain, if you cut off the supply from the top, what reaches the street will be much less significant. More time chasing the dealers, not the buyers, will have greater impact overall as to drug sales. It is just plain common sense.


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