Yet Another Blatant Disregard for the Taxpayers in the 6th District!

January 10, 2010

In another display of arrogance and irresponsibilty, Joan Murphy has done it again. She has shown the taxpayers of the 6th District that she doesn’t care about them.

What may have seemed like a simple holiday gesture of good will was anything but when Commissioner Murphy sent out her Christmas greeting. You see, she didn’t use her own money. She used yours. Then, she admitted it! And, she’s not ashamed of it either. Please take a moment to view the article here:,-taxpayer-funds

I think my favorite part of the article is when she responded “That money is contingency money that’s already allocated to me to spend,” Murphy said. “So how would it save the taxpayer’s money if I don’t use it?”

Let me see, part of the Ordinance regarding contingency funds states: Monies expended from the contingency fund found not to be in compliance with the above guidelines shall be returned to Cook County.

The entire Ordinance may be found here:

I can give her an idea or two on what she could have done with that money if she doesn’t want to return it. The way I see it, $4,400 would have been the cost of first class postage. She could have hosted a holiday cake & coffee at a local VFW for all seniors while having a local police officer come out and talk about how to avoid being a victim of crime and probably not spent as much. Now that would be a public service with a bit of holiday cheer.

But she used this money selectively. In no way did it benefit the community. It is insulting to the folks who did not receive the same attention to know they paid for this mailing. Any way you cut it, if Commissioner Murphy wanted to send out holiday greetings, it should have been at her own expense or not at all. This is not what we pay taxes for but it may explain why the south suburbs have had so many problems.

It might also explain why a great majority of these folks don’t even know who their Commissioner is. Well, we’re even, because Commissioner Murphy doesn’t seem to know what her job is or who she works for.

The Commissioner’s job is one of public service. Isn’t it time to elect a Commissioner who will actually serve the public, as opposed to having the public serve them.